Thursday, July 23, 2009

guiled laughter

misery only ever bears down on the prophet. Thus he becomes the pariah and cycle fufilled.

Why not does the harmony seek the destroyer?

I wish you were. I wish you were. This melencoly realism. this psuedo-simantic pathway to enlightment, constructed of a hollow empire. this in and out ritual overseen by unknown hipster vanity fiends. Skoffing at the wake of the down trotten materialists. Ambien to bed, redbull to rise. Makes a many able, stable and wise. the redolent fog of Smokachinos litter the lights over the air. Why does harmony not seek the destroyer? Is it incapable of counter balancing the life force, the ruined childhoods and teen angst. Slit wrists for image purposes, late night anorexia camp fire meetings. Ghost stories not told, only what wasnt eaten that day. "Oblivion!" they shout! "George Bush!" look at them, their so cool. we're not worthy, we re not worthy. shut up. prove to me that you mean anything to the world. that one day you ll get off your ass and stop wining about the world and what daddy didnt buy you, and finally do something about it. Spacial consumption pitties only the sage. And the corsette ties will only loosen if you allow them to.

A"wise" man once said "Love is all you need"

a laugh.

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