Friday, May 29, 2009

Outwardly Pressent

i am the birds.
i am the ocean embodied.
i am glass, as i am fire.
I am wind swept villages in the mountain tops,
and i am the meek caterpillar.
I am the hen that wont lay eggs,
and the weasle that longs for said eggs.
I am the whimisical in my ways,
and mysterious in my approach.
I am the unavoidable,
and the inevetible bliss.
I am the emotion,
and the embrace.
I am the forest,
and i am the silent giant living within its cannopies.
I am the letters to distanced lovers,
and i am the stars at which they both gaze upon as the ships roll in.
I am the lover,
and i am the eternal.
I am the introduction to the travels,
however i am not the conclusion.
Is a conclusion necessary?
I am unaware,
but i am young.
and i am content.

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