Sunday, May 3, 2009

nimbus: "Dear, do you remember me?"

New things are occuring every second. Rain drops. trickle...trickle....drop....trickle....drop....drop....trickle! you were paper planes that i threw out of my window with the summer breeze. The winds lifted you far far above the winter harsh. Ill be okay down here for now. Walking along the crack crack crack sideeeewahWlk. scaning the skies for youre sign. The leafblades that i laced together around my wrists turn a sturdy guard. I have only begun to adventure. Ill let the balloon go, and lift
and converse with the baloo jays and pollen babies.
My shoes will lace them selves anew and migrate south while i wave them good bye byes.
It was you who told me the grand design was meant to be traveled barefoot anyway.
Curious jelly bean, always right. I clench my puzzle piece in my hand as i glide through the summer stars and see you caught in a cloud right in front of me.
let me u n t a n g l e you, ah! there we go! my cheeks were tearing from the winds blowing me about for so long in search of you my love! eureka, i ve found you. but i have no shoes with which to land? no cares, no problems. Lets remain lifted here above the world forever more. We ll have two lovely children and have them befriend the robin family from the next cloud over yonder. Lets float entangled with one another, my hands will never shake another second with you clenching them.